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Re: [PLUG] why apple

On 1/28/11 8:41 AM, "" <> wrote:

>I can't vouch for them today and I don't know if Dell or any other
>company offers next-day on-site support.  I do know that Apple provides
>same-day support if you can find a location that contains your
>replacement part.

We used to be a Dell shop.  Repair service was always excellent, customer
service regarding sales and other problems was another story.
Consistently bad. Regardless of the many account manager changes, they all
ignored us.

The last straw was a batch of desktop which wouldn't boot as we tried to
image them.  They just wouldn't acknowledge the problem.  Turned out this
entire line of Optiplexes would not boot when connected to a kvm.  Dell
never admitted.  We are an HP shop now.

Art Alexion

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