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Re: [PLUG] why apple

My wife once got a free laptop from Dell. Over the course of two
years, they had to send four on-site techs, each more inept than the
last. The final straw was when the guy left the computer in a state
such that it wouldn't boot up successfully, and the heatsink was so
misaligned that you could visibly see that it was crooked through the
fan slots.

I would chalk this up to statistical improbability and the fact that
these guys were low end desktop support, except that I'm not renewing
my Dell enterprise support for most of our production infrastructure
because the dell techs they've sent (2 states away from the original
story) were so bad at troubleshooting that, an hour into a blade
motherboard replacement, I walked the guy through swapping the
hardware over the phone.

I'm sure a lot of people have had really good dell support, but I'm
not one of them.


On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 8:41 AM,  <> wrote:
> I should have been more clear. ÂI don't recall the original Dell model that was purchased because it was traded in over 6 years ago. ÂThe first issue that came up was bad RAM seats. ÂThey replaced the motherboard in less that 24 hours with on-site support whilst I sipped a latte. ÂThe second issue was the integrated NIC kept losing connection, so that required another motherboard (once again, replaced on-site within 24 hours). ÂI believe that this model Dell had a fatal design flaw because the issue continued to happen repeatedly (3-4 times). ÂBest part was the 24 hour turnaround. ÂFinally, it was Dell who offered to upgrade me to a completely newer model (refurbished Inspiron 9100). ÂOld model: 2.26GHz 512MB RAM, new model: 3.0 GHz 1GB RAM (and some other bells/whistles). ÂThey even extended the warranty to the new model and replaced BOTH my power supplies free of charge. ÂIt's still running to this day.
> Everything told, I paid $1000 for easily $4000 worth of hardware and lightning fast on-site support. ÂThat's not a good deal, it's an excellent deal, and I stand behind my original statement. ÂI can't vouch for them today and I don't know if Dell or any other company offers next-day on-site support. ÂI do know that Apple provides same-day support if you can find a location that contains your replacement part.
> For me, my purchase is driven largely by support.
> MD
>> You pay, say $600, for reconditioned, say $1000, for new. New is a lemon, so they replace it with reconditioned. Now you have paid $1000 for reconditioned. This is not a good deal.
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>> Art Alexion
>> On Jan 26, 2011, at 9:06 PM, wrote:
>> > They once even gave me a completely refurbished upgrade after some extended choppy waters.
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