Morgan Jones on 2 Feb 2011 09:28:28 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] dd-wrt router recommendation

(I'm re-sending my prior email below with less marginal English: apologies, I shouldn't write emails on the way out the door in the morning).

It may also interest the list that the WHR-HP-G300N is available as a refurb for $35.. The difference seems to be that the WHR-HP-G300N broadcasts on 2 different frequencies and is thus true 802.11n:

It also seems you can double the speed of the WHR-HP-GN by enabling N-only wireless:


> We recently discussed this router:
> I just bought 2 as possible replacements for my aging G Linksys infrastructure.  It is in fact just a refurbished whr-hp-gn.  They shipped with Buffalo branded DD-WRT.  The firmware is a little old but up-to-date dd-wrt firmware loads with no problem.  
> I had to look around a bit and eventually found a file downloads link on the whr-G300N wiki page:
> The net-net is you need to download whr-hp-gn-firmware-MULTI.bin
> from here:
> That's hard to beat for $20+shipping.  Enjoy.
> -morgan
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