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Re: [PLUG] Fw: Throttling network bandwidth usage ala nice or ionice...

Trickle and trickled does this to a point.  Trickle lets you limit
bandwidth for a process started with it.
Trickled lets you add priorities to bandwidth for different network types.


But regarding priorities, I have the following problem (I think).

Lets say I am running wget to pick up a file (not using ftp).
And I am running firefox browsing the web for a busy web page.

How do I differentiate between the two?  I guess the traffic for both
will be "www" traffic?

So a trickled config file like this one will not help give the browser
more priority than the wget:?:

I thought of adding a "[wget]" to the config file, but I guess that is
not a  service type.  Or can
it be somehow?

Priority = 1
Time-Smoothing = 0.1
Length-Smoothing = 1
Priority = 8
Time-Smoothing = 5
Length-Smoothing = 20
Priority = 2
Time-Smoothing = 0.1
Length-Smoothing = 2

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> Subject: Throttling network bandwidth usage ala nice or ionice...
> Edmond (and other PLUG folks),
> You were asking the other day for a way to throttle network IO
> during downloads, similar to the way the "nice" command does for
> CPU usage -- run full bore unless something else is competing
> for the bandwidth.  There's another command called "ionice" that
> may be close to what you want.  It throttles disk IO, not network
> IO, but:
> 1. Since the download is coming across the network and going
>    to the disk, that may have the effect you want.
> 2. Since there's already a nice and an ionice, maybe there's
>    one for network traffic also.
> Just a thought...
> --Fred
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