David Coulson on 25 Feb 2011 11:24:48 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Add an HDD to a diskless cluster node?


1) The system doesn't have the correct kernel module loaded for the disk controller 2) The disks are attached to a RAID controller and you did not define an array
3) You are using fdisk with the wrong device path

Send the output of lsmod, lspci and dmesg please.


On 2/25/11 2:01 PM, Doug Stewart wrote:
A little help here from anyone with diskless Linux operation,
particularly in a RedHat-centric environment.

I've been saddled with upgrading a legacy diskless RHEL cluster with
physical HDD modules so that the nodes have somewhere local to write
scratch data. The only problem is, fdisk doesn't see the new drives
once Linux has loaded. I'm CERTAIN this is to do with the diskless
configuration -- almost as CERTAIN as I am that I don't have a clue
how to resolve this.

The Oracle Of Google has proved fruitless for provision of succor. Help?

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