jeff on 2 Mar 2011 18:57:58 -0800

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[PLUG] You know what's fun? Certainly not touchpads

Still putzing around with this HP 4525 laptop. Everything is extremely well behaved under linux except for the touchpad.

I'm not sure if this one is special (or perhaps its owner is) but the specs say capacitive. I noticed that the cursor is all over the place, seemingly without much regard for where my finger attempts to send it. When it follows my finger, it is so sensitive that if I lift my finger physically off the pad a hair, it will still track.

Perhaps I'm just full of capacitance (or something).

Loaded syndaemon, added the recommended lines in xorg.conf, and located a really cool util called flSynclient,which is a graphical front end for synclient. It would be perfect if it explained each parameter in detail, though.

If I jack the sensitivity slider half the way up, it starts behaving like ghosts are no longer controlling it. Unfortunately the right-click, which refused to work before syndaemon, only works occasionally and tapping seems to have failed. Now I can move the cursor and if I want to tap, I have to physically tap (click), which works for left-click only.

Seems to work for mouse-over events regardless of focus, if that means anything.

Perhaps if I somehow figure out how to wire it left-handed (and promise to only operate it before 10pm) I'll have better luck. My wife suggested drinking eye of newt tea to take down my hyper-capacitive nature.

Mind you, the dog manages to operate it flawlessly. Or rather I assume he operates it flawlessly, as I don't understand what he types. Apparently `laptop' in spaniel means `stand here'. Or perhaps he feels he's the priority laptop in the house.

So much to learn.

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