Robert Spangler on 5 Mar 2011 15:18:46 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Exactly what is RedHat doing?

On Saturday 05 March 2011 14:54, Art Clemons wrote:

>  It appears that Red Hat has secretly patched what it sells as RHEL and
>  it claims it did so to make it difficult for CentOS and Oracle to offer
>  support for RHEL.  Apparently it releases involve a kernel with all of
>  its patches already applied, rather than releasing a kernel and then
>  patches.

My understanding is this was done to stop Oracle and Novell from steeling 
customers away from RH support.  As long as RH supplies the source code I 
don't think anyone should have an issue with it.

Centos co-founder has already stated that they have the code up and running 
and haven't run into any problem and doesn't see any issue from this move.

>  Red Hat claims it's not violating GPL, but it is interesting to see this
>  cropping up now. I wondered when someone would find an opening and
>  attempt to exploit it.

And it isn't.  The source is being provided.  Opening to what? What is there 
to exploit?

Yes, I run Centos here.



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