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Re: [PLUG] open source webmail reviews?

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Randall A Sindlinger
<> wrote:
> So "Inbox" and "archive" are just virtual folders, then?  Or something
> a little more special?

Inbox is a virtual folder (the set of all emails tagged with "inbox").
 The archive button removes the inbox tag from one or more emails if
it is assigned.  There is no "archived" folder or anything like that -
it just means get it out of the inbox.  Archived emails can be found
in searches, by looking at a folder that picks other tags still on the
emails, or by hitting the "all mail" folder which is just everything.

Basically everything in gmail is virtual - just a bunch of queries
that look like folders (at least that is how I see it).

New mail is tagged with inbox and nothing else by default.  Filters
can add other tags, or remove the inbox tag, as appropriate.  Hitting
mute on a conversation causes new mail in that conversation to not get
the inbox tag added, unless your email is on the to line.

> Does RoundCube support virtual folders (really
> hard for me to tell from looking at their web site, but I _think_ it
> looks like it does).  If so, is RoundCube treating Inbox and Archive
> differently?

I agree that you could probably get some Gmail-like behavior in this
regard.  The keybindings and such would still be lacking.

It seems like everybody is going nuts with AJAX, but honestly 99% of
what makes Gmail great could be done with very little Javascript.
Lots of menus and drop-downs and drag-and-drop options really just get
in the way when you're on a netbook/etc.  They should be there for
things you do rarely to make those accessible without 14 navigations,
but they should never be things you hit on every email.

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