Eric H. Johnson on 22 Mar 2011 06:24:49 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] P2P encryption and security


Thanks for the feedback. I noticed that about the PDF, but had just
generated it about 15 minutes before leaving for the Plug West meeting.
Fortunately the PDF is not actually a part of the presentation, just an
alternate format for anyone that for some reason cannot play the ppt.

By embedded screen shots, do you just mean the second slide, or all screen
shots. I was having a real problem with the avi clip of rotating headlines
on the second slide, and may have to delete that entirely if I cannot
improve it. The best I have been able to get it to play is by not changing
the image size, but is still unacceptably poor.

Oops, I just noticed I cannot get past the second slide when running it only
from the power point player. I was so rushed last night I never tested it
outside of the power point developer environment.

Anyway I will look at it again tonight and expect to post an update shortly.


I have no comments on the talk itself (it's not my area of expertise,
either) but I do on the pdf.  I've tried reading it in xpdf, Acrobat, and
OSX's, and it renders horribly in all 3.  It takes a very long
time to render each slide.  If you've got an hour time slot, it might take
all that time to get through all 16 slides.  I think the culprit might be
the background, but it's hard to tell.

Also, the embedded screenshots look blocky, and the text is hard to read.
And if you try resizing the screen, you've got to wait for it to render all
over again.

I don't know how to export Powerpoint slides to PDF, but I've looked at
plenty of exported slides and these are by far the most painful I've ever
seen to get through.  You might want to look at whatever options are
available and see what you can do to improve the PDF rendering.


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