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Re: [PLUG] Asterisk advice

On Tue, 22 Mar 2011, Eric at wrote:

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I currently use a Magic Jack as a second/business phone line but I want to get
away from it.  I looked at NetTalk ( for $70 and it looks most
decent but it's features are limited and I've read some complaints about voice

Now I'm wondering if it would be better to set up my own asterisk box.  I know
that I have to use a provider like Vitelity (or similar) to get my phone
numbers.  I'll have to add a card to support the existing analog phone
infrastructure in the house/office.  I have a couple of extra computers here and
I'm reasonably certain that either one of them is up to the task.

If you get a sip phone you do not need a card for the analog phones. Depending on
your needs you might be able to get sip phones cheaper then it will cost you for
a good card to make the analog phones work.

Is that about it?  Is Asterisk a bear to set up?  I'm a bit of a hacker but have
only minimal telephony knowledge.  I keep seeing trixbox community edition
mentioned... is that a good way to get up and running?

I would suggest staying away from TrixBox. IIRC Trixbox forked Freepbx
and broke it.

Digium has AsteriskNow and it works well for me. Using freepbx to administer AsteriskNow takes a lot of the pain out of things. I have also used pbxinaflash
which has a very active community and you can also administer things using
freepbx. The reason I switched to * now is that piaf has a lot of closed
source scripts that make understanding what is going on difficult.

As for voip providers, I have used FLowroute, Vitelity and a few other pay as you go providers. I am currently using Flowroute as my primary provider with as a backup. I gave up Vitelity completely because I was having difficulty completing calls during mid afternoon and frequent dropped calls.

Hope this helps,

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