Randall A Sindlinger on 25 Mar 2011 08:51:26 -0700

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[PLUG] Quick non-Dell computer quotes?

Hi folks,

I'd like to get some "real" competitive quotes for a desktop system.

I already have 3 Dell quotes, all coming in around $1000 (+/- $25), 
and that just seems too dang high for nothing all that special.

I'm honestly rather tired of Dell's crap, and would like to have a
real shot at getting a better vendor.  This is for life-cycle replacement
of about 60-ish desktops (for 2 labs and some kiosks).

I know that, like Dell, other vendors (like HP, IBM, etc) have "special"
quoting sites where you can get a "better" quote than through the
regular site.  I don't have any accounts on any of them, so I was hoping
someone might be able to throw a quote together real quick for me.
I don't need a hard quote, but something a little tighter than a ballpark

All I want is 
  NOT a small form factor (ie, _bigger_ than 13" x 13" x 4")
  Dual-core i5
  4 GB RAM
  NVidia graphics supporting dual monitor
  DVD/RW optical drive
  22" Wide-screen monitor
  3-year hardware NBD warranty

  I don't care about the OS (we'll put linux on it)
                     the RAM on video card (256 MB is fine)
                     the i5 clock speed
                     the hard drive - 100GB is plenty :-)
                     the kybd or mouse
                     speakers - none or internal is fine
                     network - whatever is built-in is fine
                     remote out-of-band management

So, really is it too much to want to get something for around $800?

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