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Re: [PLUG] Merging home directories

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On 04/20/11 19:04, Gordon Dexter wrote:
> I have the unenviable task of merging 5 different home directories from
> three different computers, spanning 5 years, and I was wondering if
> there was any tool that might simplify things.  My eventual goal is to
> have one unified, well organized home directory that is versioned (e.g.
> via Git) and synced between multiple computers.  The last few times I've
> moved or upgraded I just put the previous home directory as a subfolder
> of the newer one, so on one computer I have
> /home/gdexter/old_gdexter/older_gdexter and I haven't even gotten around
> to doing that on my newest computer.  This is compounded by bad habits
> such as putting things on the desktop if I don't know what to do with them.
> I'd rather not lose anything, of course, but I'd also rather not go
> through each homedir item by item and manually copy or merge things. 
> Are there tools that help you with this sort of thing?  Any suggestions
> to save my sanity?
> --Gordon

Rsync, if you want them unified on one disk/partition. otherwise, mount
- -o bind :)
i know it requires a lot of intervention, but think about it- who knows
more about which versions of files you want to keep, you or the machine?

if you're looking for the subdirectory thing to work, just change the
/home/user to /home/user/workstation in /etc/passwd for the home dir.
provided you have the same UID/GID (or make reasonable changes to allow
for this), it should be able to mount it automatically, because each
computer would have a specific homedir subdir associated with it
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