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Re: [PLUG] mutt question

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On 05/12/2011 10:59 AM, John BORIS wrote:
> Just marking them read will still leave them on the server. If you just
> want to delete them couldn't you just do this from the command line
> mail
> When it comes up it usually shows the first 20 headers but you can do
> this at the command prompt
> d 1-28000
> That would delete them. 
> That is only if you don't have to keep them or archive them.

If you are reading mail on a mail server then shouldn't the server
archive the mail and not the user?

For instance, this is what I wrote for lrcressy.com:

### transport/30_exim4-config_mail_archive

# This transport is used to deliver an archive of all mail
# to /var/log/mail-archive.
# logrotate should be configured to rotate this log on a weekly basis
# for our small operation.
  driver = appendfile
  return_path_add = true
  envelope_to_add = true
  delivery_date_add = true
  group = mail
  mode = 0660
  # format of $tod_log is "1995-10-12 15:32:29"
  # file = /var/log/mail-archive/${substr_0_10:$tod_log}
  file =

This makes a new archive file every day with the following file name:


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