Floyd Johnson on 18 May 2011 16:29:30 -0700

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[PLUG] SanDisk U3 Cruzer = Ubuntu Natty Bruiser

>From the peeps at
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick :

> 11.04 Natty Narwhal installation does not work with SanDisk's USB
> drives with U3 Launchpad present, you need to remove it either with
> u3-tool from Ubuntu Repositories or SanDisk's tool to be able to use
> it. All other brands of USB drives work. 
An addendum is, were you to choose the u3-tool route, the correct
invocation is "sudo u3-tool -p 0 /dev/<the device 'file' of the writable

An un-fooled-with Cruzer U3 stick keeps the Launchpad stuff in a
read-only partition about 32 MB long, rigged to show up as a CD in
Ubuntu Maverick, and as such, referred to as a "CD partition" in the
u3-tool help info/manpage. 

The read-only partition has the device file /dev/sr0, while the
writeable part tries to be /dev/sdb0, depending on whatever your storage
situation is. "dmesg" will tell you just where everybody ended up.

The -p switch on u3-tool changes the size of the "CD" to whatever figure
follows it-0 eliminates said partition altogether. From there, re-mount,
copy the ISO into place via the Startup Disk Creator (or your weapon of
choice), and all should work as well as possible. 

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