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Re: [PLUG] ISP's (OT)

You won't get dedicated speeds on cable or DSL; you'll get what you get and no one is going to guarantee those speeds.Â

I started out at 20 down, 5 up but am getting 15 or 10 down, now, and 1.5 up at best with Verizon FiOS.

T1s might have better guarantees, though I'm not sure...I think you are guaranteed what you pay for, where with cable and DSL you don't tend to get anything solid in terms of delivered speed.

Michael Broggy

On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 11:15 AM, Julien Mills <julienfmills@yahoo.com> wrote:

I'm investigating a new ISP for my small to medium sized business.Â
At the moment we have SDSL 1.5 Mb for about $269/month from Earthlink.

I can get 50 down/10 up from Comcast (cable) for about $200/month.

I can get 3 down/768K up from Verizon dsl for about about $100/month.

A T1 is 1.5 both ways for about $400/month.

The Verizon guy claims that a T1 at 1.5 Mbps is going to be faster than the 3 M dsl line. Is he right? I don't know. Should I get a T1?

I'm tempted to go with Comcast, less reliable I'm sure but way faster for the money. For us, I'm not sure it's worth paying for reliability we don't need.

So, any thoughts? Any other paths I should investigate?


Julien M.

Julien Mills julienfmills@yahoo.com

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