jeff on 21 May 2011 18:00:18 -0700

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[PLUG] xfce unwell?

Xubuntu 11.04 on HP4525 laptop.
Worked damn near flawlessly until last reboot. All `window embellishments', i.e. bars w/controls, have disappeared. Cannot drag windows because there's nothing to grab.

Panels are ok but neither touchpad nor Ctl-F keys will switch desktops. There are now 4 desktops when there used to be 3.

Not sure what the difference is between Xubuntu and XFCE logins but both (mis)behave similarly. New xserver pkg came down with updates a few days back. Haven't rebooted in days.

Xubuntu 11.04 desktop does not misbehave.
Reasonably certain I didn't make any `improvements' that would cause this.

Where do I start troubleshooting?


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