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[PLUG] Ubuntu Power Users: new community

I've been following the lightning speed developments of a new Ubuntu community that will be of interest to many folks on this list. The quick version is that it's for Ubuntu "Power Users" who would like to easily tweak Ubuntu/Gnome/Unity more than is allowed by the too-basic defaults.





Also note that the author of"Ubuntu Tweak" has joined the list and will be working to have that tool (finally) included in the stock repos and likely will implement at least some suggestions from the community. -->

One of the many good ideas proposed so far is to provide config/tweak "undo" and "export" functions, possibly via some kind of revision control on the files. I think that's awesome.

KDE, XFCE and other environments have been mentioned, but since they are all much more tweakable than Gnome/Unity by default, there is less need for this. This makes sense so me personally. I find KDE overwhelming and prefer the simplicity (some may say blandness) of Gnome. But at the same time, there are some things I want to tweak on Gnome that are not exposed in either the GUI or (sometimes) the docs.

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