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Re: [PLUG] Security Cameras

As this isn't my dog, why he's barking is irrelevant if his owners won't deal with it. 

If you need to know, the place in his yard closest to the house and yard of two secondary barkers is the corner abutting my yard. He comes outside and tries to start a barking war with the other 2 dogs. There is a hole in the hedge where he can see my house but not the other dog's. Frequently in my yard there is a cat to bark at, plus if any of the people in my house (which is about 50' from his spot) are near a window he can bark at them. The birds are a problem out front, my cat is a significant deterrent for birds landing in my backyard. 

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If this is a typical yard, it should border more than one property.  Why does the dog
bark at your property?   Is there a particular spot he barks at?   Maybe he's as
bugged at the birds as you are.

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> I rarely impulse buy. But I just
> ordered with expedited shipping the device you recommended
> below. From the specks it looks like it will not only work
> on the Primary Barker, but on secondary Barkers as well (and
> I don't have to hear the secondary barkers' owners say "we
> can't stand it either, our dog didn't bother you before that
> dog moved in!").
> As for the birds that’s why my roommate found a
> specialist. But he needs accurate data, that only a patient
> ornithologist could gather. I'm not very optimistic,
> especially since the birds seem extra fond of shiny (freshly
> washed) cars.  Vive Le Poop-Mobile.
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> >
> > Security Cameras
> >
> > I find myself needing to install a security camera and
> figured this community would have a lot of good cost
> effective ideas with a bias towards the open source and the
> cheap. Because one of the confusing issues is cctv vs
> network cameras, I'm going to ask that the discussion be
> restricted to network based solutions that don't require a
> dedicated cctv base station or the installation of a capture
> card into a computer.
> >
> > Let me describe my security needs.
> >
> > Primary Problem: Barking Dog Cam
> > My neighbor's dog stands at the fence to my yard and
> barks at my house. This is whenever they let him out
> unattended. This can be for hours on end. I've talked to
> them about it several times. I've filed one complaint with
> the city, but to cite them the inspector needs to witness
> the dog barking for at least 5 minutes. If the dog is
> outside barking 10% or even just 5% of the time this is
> extremely annoying to me, but the odds are against an
> inspector on one or two random visits witnessing it. The
> camera will need to be an outdoor camera, which will be
> attached to  a bush or a fence. I need to record audio (and
> it seems a lot of security cameras lack this feature). Bark
> activated is ideal, but motion sensing would work since he
> comes to a specific spot for most of his barking. My
> objective is to be able to post time-stamped video of the
> dog barking to youtube that a city animal complaints
> inspector can easily view, or that I can use in court as
> evidence when I sue them to remove the animal from their
> property.
> >
> >  Secondary Problem: Offender Bird Identification
> Another animal
> > related issue I have is birds defacing vehicles parked
> in front of my house. My roommate went so far as to contact
> a professional in the field of bird nuisances, who needs to
> be able to identify species and patterns to work out a
> remediation plan. The best plan here might simply be to just
> record video continuously for a couple of days.
> On the barking dog front, if you are going to spend money
> to solve the problem, why not get one of those bark
> activated sonic devices, that only dogs can hear? Once the
> dog has given himself a headache a few days in a row, the
> barking will probably stop. I haven't used it but this is
> the kind of thing I'm talking about:

> For the birds, Good luck. They are almost unstoppable
> unless you can remove whatever they are perching on.
>      --Matt
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