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Re: [PLUG] OT: Signing an NDA/Invention Assignment agreement

Hi Randall,

You say you need to sign this by Monday?  What are the
consequences if you don't? It is my understanding that
you cant be disciplined for fired for refusing to sign
something that you were not asked to sign as a condition
of hiring.  We had a biiiiiig hoopla over this at a company
I was at years back. I signed agreements with them because
I felt it was the right thing to do.  But I leveraged
their inability to force me to help make the agreements
more reasonable and acceptable to everyone.

I'm no lawyer, but have read and signed a decent number of
agreements and contracts.  I've found that some language
that seems scary is reasonable or even attractive, likewise
some language that seems innocuous is both scary and unreasonable. I've politely turned down probably two jobs
in the past that required particularly unrealistic
assignment and non-compete agreements.

I'm in interested to see the language you're concerned with.

Good luck with it all.


On 6/10/11 10:50 PM, Randall Sindlinger wrote:
Hey Folks,

I imagine a number of you have dealt with NDAs before.  I don't
remember the last time I needed to think about this.  Now I suddenly
have one to sign by Monday.

What are the gotchas I should be aware of?  And what about the
Invention Assignment part of this?  I have some (I think) patentable
ideas, and I've even mused about writing a movie script. _I_ don't
think it's "relevant to the subject matter of my employment" but
should I be concerned?  Are there any horror stories?

Should I be asking for recommendations for an attorney?

Thanks all,
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