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Re: [PLUG] Computer case


Check out Mini-box, unless you are looking for a 19" rack mount which they
do not tend to carry:

Also check out Travla (carried by multiple resellers), which does offer 19"
rack mount enclosures although they tend to be a bit above your stated price


 Good morning,

 I'm having troubles finding a proper computer case for a low-end server 
 I'm building.
 I bought a zotac atom 330 motherboard (!7x) and 2 500GB 
 3,5" drives (I do RAID1). Microcenter did not have a case that would be 
 mini-itx and have 2 internal slots for the hard drives. It's quite an 
 unusual setup.

 So I looked around, Newegg has some :
 But they come with a power supply, and the motherboard already has one 
 integrated. I could get the case and remove the power supply, but it 
 would look ugly.

 Another possibility is to get a case with one internal and one external 
 3.5" slot, and use a rack for the external slot. Antec has a nice one:

 Do you guys know of a better solution ? I'd like a case that's 
 mini-itx, doesn't have a power supply and has 2 internal 3.5 slots. 
 Should also be around $50/60.


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