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Re: [PLUG] Media Frontend Hardware


I haven't tried WebM/Theora.  Most of my stuff is a mix of mpeg2 and
mpeg4 codecs, encoded with mencoder or handbrake.  It seems to play
everything I've thrown at it very well and in sync, including 720p stuff
with subtitles.  I'll have to try something in 1080 to see how it does.

There is now an Intel Atom D525 at 1.80GHz.  Mine is a D510 1.66GHz w/
4GB or RAM installed.  The dual-core looks like four cores with Fedora
15 x86_64 installed.

I edited /etc/gdm/custom.conf to auto login my htpc user account, which
starts XBMC fullscreen.  I highly recommend this option, because Gnome
Shell competes for resources otherwise.  When you install the xbmc
package from the RPM Fusion repo, you get an "XBMC" session option at
the gnome login screen.  Select that once and it will auto select it
from there out.  RPM Fusion also has the kmod-nvidia packages for vdpau

One hoop I had to jump through... I had to build lirc from scratch to
get an old irman infrared remote sensor working.  Let me know if you
need pointers on that.


On 06/29/2011 05:10 PM, Rich Freeman wrote:
> On Jun 29, 2011 4:37 PM, "Gavin W. Burris" <
> <>> wrote:
>> Since my Shuttle PC motherboard failed after only one year of use, I
>> just upgraded to an Asus Eee Box.  It has an Intel Atom D510 and NVIDIA
>> ION.  
> I'm seriously considering atom+ion solutions. Only issue I see would be
> HD WebM/Theora which could strain the cpu.  How does yours do with
> non-mpeg codecs?
>> I would suggest upgrading to a budget flat panel with a VGA connection.
>>  You can also configure Linux to use HDMI, since HDMI is a smaller
>> connector for DVI with audio added in.
> Yeah, I'm thinking about this as well. Either a cheap HD set, or a
> vga-TV adapter for my SD CRT.
> Rich
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