Floyd Johnson on 14 Jul 2011 13:02:39 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] personal WiFi security: Stopping the barbarians at the gates

Well, the bits about a drive-by third party being capable of both MAC
address forgery and deducing a presumed-hidden SSID are starting to make
me wonder if I've been going commando under a suit of pre-ballistic
armor for the last two years. That is, aside from WPA2's actual
encryption, my network is essentially unprotected. Then again, the
balance is that I'm on good terms with those of my neighbors who own
network-capable computers.

Googling for "better than WPA2" turned up some chatter at
http://www.wilderssecurity.com/ suggesting that in early '06,
"reasonable protection" included one heckuva key with WPA2, as Matt

The closest thing to proper bulletproof armor at that time was
implementing a RADIUS authentication server. Supposedly, doing so was
potentially costly, and comparable to the "driving to Chicago" state of
affairs were a commercial airliner made out of the same heavy steel that
surrounds the flight recorders. 

What, then, is/should be standard practice for repelling the
piggybacking byte-burglars who want to break into our home LANs? 
Then again, the typical drive-by e-bandit perceives where I live as a
place where he's more likely to have his car stolen than gain any
financial or other data worth stealing.

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