Casey Bralla on 17 Jul 2011 17:41:59 -0700

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[PLUG] Which Kernel to Run?

I've just loaded Funtoo on my Basement computer (in the "Fortress of 
Nerditude").   I am a long-time Gentoo and Debian user and run the unstable 
branch of both (except for my servers, which run Debian Stable).  In Gentoo, I 
prefer to compile a monolithic kernel with all my required drivers (and no 
others) compiled-in.

Funtoo allows you to select one of about a dozen different kernels, and I was 
wondering if anyone on this list has a recommendation for which one to run. 

Here are some of my choices:

A highly patched kernel that has worked well for me over the years.  Currently 
still at version 2.6.39-r3.  This is probably my "default" kernel.

The "normal" kernel for Funtoo.  I'm shying away from it because it seems to 
be focused on the genkernel system, which I don't like to use.

Probably also a very good kernel, but I don't know what they've patched.  
Currently at

The bleeding edge from Linus' git repository.  It's a 3.0 kernel and my fear 
is that it is too bleeding edge for me.

Totally pure and unpatched from  Seems to have a nice balance 
between newness and stability.  Currently at   Since I don't really 
know what's patched int he other kernels, this one is kind of attractive for 
its wholesomeness.

So, which of these kernels would you recommend, and why?

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