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Re: [PLUG] File sharing with virtualizatio


I guess a little more explanation is required. I have created a Live CD for
a presentation I am giving where I have pre-installed and configured many of
the applications I intend to talk about. I will be giving a stripped down
version of the presentation at the upcoming August North meeting and the
September West meeting. 

Running the live CD under VirtualBox is really easy, say from a Windows
host. Install VirtualBox, create a new virtual machine, map the iso file and
run. Even installing the live cd to the virtual environment is not too bad.
But the thing someone getting this far may next want to do is to move /
share files from the virtual client to the host.

In this case, most of them will have never used virtualization before and
many may never have used Linux before. So I am looking for a way that novice
users can manage to share files between the two environments.

I can pre-install anything necessary in the live CD such as Samba, but at
the very least a mount of some sort is going to be necessary (ISTM).


Now this is just windows but here is what I do on my home machine. I
have Vista 64 running their Virtual PC. On my Host machine I shared out
the Public directory and in the Virtual XP machine I had that Mounted
through the normal windows way.

Now in your case running Windows and then Ubuntu in Virtual Box I don't
see why you couldn't share out the Windows directory or USB drive and
then on the Virtual Ubuntu machine use Samba to connect to these shares.

Now I am not sure what you want to do with the files you are sharing
but just for getting to files in a common spot it should work.

John J. Boris, Sr.
"Remember! That light at the end of the tunnel
Just might be the headlight of an oncoming train!"

>>> "Eric H. Johnson" <> 7/29/2011 10:36 AM >>>
Hi all,

Anyone know any easy ways, and by easy ways I mean something relative
novices can handle, of sharing files between a host and a virtualized
running on the host. Specifically I have Windows as the host and
running under VirtualBox. So far I have found setting up a share to be
difficult requiring the installation of host and client add-ons for
VirtualBox, installing packages including header files on Ubuntu, and
doing a mount. 

Mounting something like a USB drive has been similarly non-trivial,
I may be doing something wrong there.

Installing something like Dropbox is not too bad, except that it can
pretty slow if large files are involved. FTP isn't that bad either
something like Filezilla and the Filezilla server on the host.

Is there anything easier?


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