Adam Zion on 4 Aug 2011 12:20:26 -0700

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[PLUG] Traffic tracking trouble, resolved (more or less)

I ended up setting up a virtual NIC on the linux server that ran
Wireshark using the IP for which our AdTran was ARPing like mad. The
result: total traffic on the network dropped by 12%, and broadcasts by
50%. Basically, the AdTran got the requests, sent out a single ARP,
the virtual NIC responded, and that made everything happy.

As for getting into the AdTran + flushing the ARP cache, that was one
of my first thoughts, but I don't have the password to do that. And I
didn't want to power cycle mid-day, for fairly obvious reasons. Yes, I
could have stayed late, but, even then, if the problem was a host
outside of my location searching for the orphaned IP- which I rather
suspect is the case- then that wouldn't have solved anything.


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