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[PLUG] Thinkpad T42 hard drive replacement

A friend asked me to look at a Thinkpad T42 she dropped which now hangs just before the WinXP login screen. It looks like the heads crashed when it hit the floor as a BartPE chkdsk finds tons of errors and claims to run out of disk space before it can fix them all.

So replacing the disk then installing Ubuntu may be an option (so I'm marginally on-topic :), but before I do that I want to make sure the new drive will work. Replacing that exact drive is $135 if you go by the IBM part number (13N6877), $40-60 if you go by the Fujitsu part number (MHT2060AH), or $54 for a 80G drive that I hope will Just Work (WD800BEVE

So are these 13N6877/MHT2060AH vs. WD800BEVE 2.5" ATA-6/PATA drives pin-compatible? I already checked and physically they are fine. I'm pretty sure this is OK, but just checking...

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