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[PLUG] ClusterSSH & friends

Last night at PLUG N we were talking about running the same command on a bunch of servers. Here is some follow-up for that.

I was thinking of "multixterm", which seems to be part of the expect-dev (possibly just expect on some distros), but the references on the NIST site seem otherwise dead. [1]

Then there is "Execute commands simultaneously on multiple servers Using PSSH/Cluster SSH/Multixterm" [2] and "Parallel SSH execution and a single shell to control them all" [3].

There's this non-Interactive one: Run non-interactive commands on remote machines simultaneously

And of course, CFEngine [4], Puppet [5] and chef [6] and a comparison of a bunch of config management tools [7], but these are all more heavy duty than the original topic.

I haven't really used any of them, but from my brief survey, PSSH sounds the most interesting since it includes (scriptable) pssh, pscp, prsync, and pnuke.

If anyone (Kevin?) dives into these, let us know how it works out.

[1] Multiterm
* Execute commands simultaneously on multiple servers (excerpted from Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two) * #29 Execute commands simultaneously on multiple servers page 144 * DEAD: multixterm - drive multiple xterms separately or together



[4] and

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