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Re: [PLUG] Remote KDE Session

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Working strictly from memory(1)...
Both Chris Grabowy and Jeff Bailey are right-on...

Beware: X uses a weird method of defining "server" and "client".  It's been a
bone of contention for the X critics for about 2 decades.

IF you are already running a window manager on your workstation (you most
certainly are) then

1. Make sure that your local display is accepting external connections:
Open a terminal on your workstation and enter:
xhost +

2. Forward X to your existing computer's display through ssh:
- From the same terminal window type:
ssh -X  me@my_server

3. From the forwarded ssh session:
xterm &

THAT should get you an xterm on your server but displayed on your workstation!
If that works then from there, I just create shortcuts on my desktop that start
the desired program on the remote system

For example,  ssh -X eric@neptune firefox
Will open an instance of firefox on my workstation BUT it will be running on my
laptop (neptune.)

Now, if you want the entire desktop then you're back to NX or vnc or similar.
That's not necessary though.

Hope this helps.


1.  Ask about my "comet" theory of memory some time over beers.  I promise I'll
keep it short... because I don't remember much of it.

On 08/16/2011 05:44 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:
> Listening to the "teaser" about the upcoming talk on "screen" at PLUG last 
> night got me very excited about its capabilities.   Lter, I got to thinking 
> about an X-window version of screen, and then jumped to the conclusion:  Why 
> not just run KDE remotely?
> My basement server runs KDE all the time, adn I can successfully vnc into it 
> and run a remote desktop.  However, I'd much rather run a native (albeit 
> remote) KDE session on my main computer since the window size would match my 
> main screen and the display would look crisper.
> In other words, I want to have a full KDE desktop on my local computer, but 
> actually running on the remote computer.
> So I ssh'd into my remote machine, and ran "startx -- :1" to spawn a new X 
> window environement which I hoped would show up on my main (remote) screen.  
> No good.  it did seem to spawn a new X, but not on my local machine.
> I also tried "startkde" but got an error message "$DISPLAY is not set or 
> cannot connect to the X server."  Unfortunately, DISPLAY is set, and even if I 
> changed it, I could not get KDE to start remotely.
> Anybody have any suggestions? 

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