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Re: [PLUG] Remote KDE Session

On 08/16/2011 07:35 PM, wrote:

However I am guessing that you need to do a...
xhost +

That's a giant security hole! For Casey's LAN it probably doesn't really matter, but it's a bad habit. 'ssh -X' should accomplish the same thing, but as other folks have pointed out that's per app and usually slow, and not quite the original point.

About the only time I've found 'ssh -X' useful is:

1) To make Windows admin's heads explode (Probably what Jeff is doing with that and T-Bird:-) 2) To install something that requires a GUI when it shouldn't (I'm looking at you Oracle)

Maybe useful:

As for the client/server part, yeah, just remember that 'X' is exactly the opposite of *everything* else and what you think, and you'll be fine. An X server lives on your local machine console and displays the stuff the X client on the remote machine tells it to do. Sigh...

I know you said KDE, but the Gnome Ubuntu (< Unity) has System > Preferences > Remote Desktop, which I think uses vino (VNC server for GNOME) under the covers. That has Just Worked for me in the past, but only if not using Compiz and all that eye-candy crap. Perhaps Kbuntu has something similar buried someplace in there? Even if you are not using Kbuntu, figuring out what it uses might be useful.

And if you like eye-candy (and since you are using KDE... <ducks> :) you probably have to turn it all off to get any remote control to a) work or b) have acceptable speed (maybe).

Good luck,
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