Casey Bralla on 28 Aug 2011 09:32:37 -0700

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[PLUG] Need IDE Recommendation

I'm starting some heavy coding on a custom Project Management application. The program is a web-based application written in python which makes heavy use of a MySQL backend.


I'm very new to IDE's and would like some recommendations for a system. Here are my requirements (or at least, what I think I need):



1. Free (as in beer)

2. Automatic python syntax highlighting

3. Python code formatting (ie: automatically fix indenting)

4. Spell checking (Very important, since I'm a dyslexic typist and actual customers will see my web pages)

5. Generally easy to use (I'm new to this type of tool)

6. Formatted printing for good paper records

7. Automatic detection of HTML snippets



Currently, I'm using geany, which seems adequate, but is not fantastic. I've tried Eric, but found it a little confusing since it had so much power.


What do you recommend for the non-professional coder who has to produce professional output?



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