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Re: [PLUG] Open File via SFTP

On Monday 29 August 2011 3:08:29 AM JP Vossen wrote:

> >

> > In my recent search for a Python IDE, Eric Lucas praised JEdit in part

> > because it can do a simple Open/Save via FTP or SFTP. [...]

> >

> > My question for the group is "does this feature already exist inside

> > your

> > favorite application?"


> The way I usually solve that problem is via SSHFS.



> SSHFS ( is the coolest thing since,

> well, SSH. On the remote server side, *all* you need is SSH (which is

> the majority of the coolness). On the local client side, you need FUSE

> and SSHFS, both of which are in the repos and Just Work.


> Then you do a mount:

> sshfs [user@]host:[dir] mountpoint [options]



Wow, this really is cool. I'll try it. Thanks JP (and Brian)!


(I guess this means that now I'll have to take back half of all those rotten things I've been saying about you guys! <grin>)





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