Paul L. Snyder on 30 Aug 2011 13:19:09 -0700

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[PLUG] Let's get that presentation schedule filled up!

Thanks to John Karr, we now have a speaker for the September PLUG Central
meeting.  As Walt said, though, the schedule is looking pretty empty right
now.  Upcoming dates that currently do not have speakers:

  9/13  North
  10/5  Central
  10/11 North
  10/17 West
  11/2  Central
  11/8  North
  11/21 West

Anything FOSS-related that you're working on, interested in, or have been playing
around with is fair game.  Also, please chime in if there is a topic that
you'd particularly like to see, even if you aren't volunteering
yourself...that might inspire someone else.

One topic that I know has been mentioned is IPv6...there's been a
presentation at Central, but both the suburban chapters have also expressed 
interest.  Anyone game?

I know I have a couple more topic requests in my notes, which I'll try to
dig up, but meanwhile...would anyone like to volunteer for a slot?

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