Edmond Rodriguez on 4 Sep 2011 05:36:04 -0700

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[PLUG] Capturing command line, and stdio and error with bash

Well there has been lots of mail about redirection in bash.

I have a question about logging.

The script command logs ALL output to the terminal (editing keys,
backspaces, up arrows, ...).   I just want what I see after I hit the
enter key.

If I type "datx <backspace> e",   I want to see "date" in my script
file, not "datx <backspace> e", and I don't want to have to make my
display reinterpret the editing commands either, so I can see it right
(generally messes everything up because of cursor movement escape
sequences often used).

But how does one get a hybrid between what the history logging does
and what script does?

So I would want a script that has only the final result of my command
entered (like history does) I entered, not the editing keystrokes as
well (back space, emacs or vi control keys....cursor movements), and
of course whatever else gets output to the terminal.    I realize if a
formatting strings goes to the terminal from an *application* I am
running,  I will get that, but I am just thinking of general basic
text i/o going to the terminal from an application.

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