Matt Mossholder on 5 Sep 2011 19:10:23 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] MythTV & HDHomeRun & Comcast Digital for Pottstown/Collegeville

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 9:59 PM, JP Vossen <> wrote:
Two other things have occurred to me leading to a bunch more detail.

First, in Matt said: "4) Comcast doesn't transmit the channel information in a manner that can be interpreted by MythTV. You will have to do a channel scan, and manually tell it which frequency/program ID matches to which "channel" in the listings."

That seems to imply the "channel scan" should Just Work, so either it doesn't, I've missed something, or I'm interpreting the results wrong. Which leads me to...

Second, I've been assuming that a "channel scan" should Just Work now, partly because the TV Just Works for lower channels. ÂBut I'm sure the TV has both analog and digital tuners and it user what it needs, while I think the HDHR3-US is digital only...

I've ended most of my tests after channels 2-12 or so have failed, but maybe they *should* fail until Comcast flips the switch on the 13th? ÂOr maybe "timed out, no signal" isn't actually bad?

So I ran a "Frequency table = cable; Modulation = Cable (QAM-256)" scan and in addition to the things I listed in my last message, I also got:
   ÂQAM-256 Channel N -- timed out, no signal
   ÂQAM-256 Channel N -- timed out, Y possible channels
   ÂQAM-256 Channel N -- timed out, no channels
   ÂQAM-256 Channel N -- Found Z probable channels
       ÂProgram Y, Encrypted

After it (finally) finished I got:
   ÂFound 25 new non-conflicting ATSC channels = Insert all
   ÂFound 2 Ânew non-conflicting MPEG channels = Insert all
   ÂFound 5 new conflicting SCTE channels = Insert all (then manually took the "suggestions")
   ÂFound 29 new conflicting MPEG channels = Ignore all

When I then looked at the "Starting channel" pulldown, the list looks suspiciously like what I expected it to look like, based on channel surfing the TV. ÂWTH?

Then for the second tuner I did the same thing and got:
   ÂFound 7 off-air channels = delete all
   ÂFound 25 old ATSC channels = Update all
   ÂFound 2 new non-conflicting MPEG channels = Insert all
   ÂFound 5 new conflicting SCTE channels = Insert all (then manually took the "suggestion")
   ÂFound 29 new conflicting MPEG channels = Ignore all

What does all of that mean?

Then I go in to "5. Channel Editor" and get a mis-mash of stuff.

Once I fire up the backend and a front-end, and go to the "Program Guide" I do see new stuff, but almost all of the new stuff is "Unknown (Unknown)". ÂOTOH, a few new things do show up (some new PBS'), correctly and a few things are dups (I think I edited some names long ago, so now I have e.g., "9 Fox WTXF" & "9 WTXF" and "14 PDB WLVT" & "14 WLVT Lehi..."). ÂI have created a new "lineup" in SchedulesDirect, linked that lineup to the new tuners and run 'mythfilldatabase'.

Does that all go back to Matt's comment, and if so how do I fix it?

Also, any clues what, if anything, I need to do or re-do when Comcast flips the switch on 2011-09-23?

Finally, "Watch TV" (AKA old "Live TV") doesn't work now. ÂIt just goes black for a few seconds and then comes back. ÂHaving said that, we never use that so it may have been broken for a long time and have nothing to do with anything current...



  ÂI think you will find that you can use the channel editor in the frontend to set the metadata for the channels so that they match what is in Schedules Direct, which should make things start working as you would expect. ÂJust cycle through all the channels that were found, hit "e" and enter the channel #, XMLTV ID, and a Callsign that you like, and you should start getting expected results.

With regards to live TV not working, you might want to ensure that the default channel for the tuner is set to something that exists. Having an undefined channel as the default can cause the symptoms you are describing. The frontend logs can help a log with this too.


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