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[PLUG] MythTV & HDHomeRun & Comcast Digital for Pottstown/Collegeville

As previously discussed I bought an HDHR3-US ( and now I'm trying to get it to work in MythTV.

I've already set a static DHCP reservation and added that to internal DNS and that works fine.

I'd previously installed the software on the back-end server:

Per I upgraded the firmware and confirmed that via the web GUI (orig: 20110414, new 20110729).

I'm running Mythbuntu 10.04 (not using the more up-to-date PPAs due to old mvpmc units!), and in "Apps > System > MythTV Backend Setup" I have:
	"2. Capture Cards"
		"HDHomeRun DTV tuner box"
	"3. Video Sources" = New:
		Video source name: Comcast-Digital
		Listing Grabber: North America ( (Internal)
		Data Direct Lineup: Comcast-CVableDigital-Digital-19426-PA37880:X

As far as I can tell, that all Just Worked.  But this part is not working:
	"4. Input Connections"
		[ HDHomeRun : {ID}-0 ] (MPEG2TS) -> Comcast-Digital
			[Scan for channels]
				Frequency table:
					Cable High
					Cable HRC High
					Cable IRC High
					Cable HRC
					Cable IRC
				Terrestrial (8-VSB)
					Cable (QAM-256)
					Cable (QAM-128)
					Cable (QAM-64)

Whatever I try gives me this, where "foo" is "QAM-256" or whatever, "bar" is the channel number, and "baz" is a number like "6":
	foo channel bar -- timed out, no signal
	--or rarely--
	foo channel bar -- timed out, baz possible channels

I admit I have not systematically tried every possible combination, partly because I'm worried I missed a step and that *nothing* will work.

Any clues what I'm doing wrong?
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