Eric H. Johnson on 6 Sep 2011 05:10:15 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] MythTV & HDHomeRun & Comcast Digital for Pottstown/Collegeville


I do not see where anyone has asked the obvious, so I will. How do you have
the HDHomerun connected to your Comcast Cable service? The symptoms sound a
lot like what happens when it scans through encrypted channels, which of
course is now the case for almost all if not all channels provided by
Comcast (certainly in the Pottstown / Collegeville area).

I have not used the HDHomerun, but I believe it can only handle the
unencrypted channels, so channel scan isn't going to work unless you also
have the means of changing the channel through a Comcast supplied box rather
than the HDHomerun.


As previously discussed I bought an HDHR3-US 
( and now I'm trying to get it to 
work in MythTV.

I've already set a static DHCP reservation and added that to internal 
DNS and that works fine.

I'd previously installed the software on the back-end server:

Per I upgraded the firmware 
and confirmed that via the web GUI (orig: 20110414, new 20110729).

I'm running Mythbuntu 10.04 (not using the more up-to-date PPAs due to 
old mvpmc units!), and in "Apps > System > MythTV Backend Setup" I have:
	"2. Capture Cards"
		"HDHomeRun DTV tuner box"
	"3. Video Sources" = New:
		Video source name: Comcast-Digital
		Listing Grabber: North America (
		Data Direct Lineup:

As far as I can tell, that all Just Worked.  But this part is not working:
	"4. Input Connections"
		[ HDHomeRun : {ID}-0 ] (MPEG2TS) -> Comcast-Digital
			[Scan for channels]
				Frequency table:
					Cable High
					Cable HRC High
					Cable IRC High
					Cable HRC
					Cable IRC
				Terrestrial (8-VSB)
					Cable (QAM-256)
					Cable (QAM-128)
					Cable (QAM-64)

Whatever I try gives me this, where "foo" is "QAM-256" or whatever, 
"bar" is the channel number, and "baz" is a number like "6":
	foo channel bar -- timed out, no signal
	--or rarely--
	foo channel bar -- timed out, baz possible channels

I admit I have not systematically tried every possible combination, 
partly because I'm worried I missed a step and that *nothing* will work.

Any clues what I'm doing wrong?
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