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Re: [PLUG] MythTV & HDHomeRun & Comcast Digital for Pottstown/Collegeville

On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 4:35 AM, JP Vossen <> wrote:
I have MythWeb working and that has a channel editor too. ÂThat might be easier to do in 1 shot, if I had a clue what I was doing. ÂThe columns are as follows:
delete Âsourceid    Âxmltvid     channum     callsign    Âname  Âfreqid Âfinetune videofilters  brightness   Âcontrast    Âcolour Âhue   recpriority   commfree visible    Âuseonairguide

The reason I use the Live TV Channel Editor is that it has a huge benefit over the web page: You can see what is actually being broadcast.Â
SourceID is either 1 or 3, which I see is "video source" which is odd because it has some "3_1" type stuff in source 1 which is my old non-digital source. ÂWhatever, I can clean that up, if I know what goes in which field and where to get it. Â"useonairguide" and "commfree" sound interesting...

Your analog source shouldn't have any channels with "_" in them. I would just straight out delete them. "useonairguide" says to use the EIT information that is broadcast to fill in the program guide. With Schedules Direct, you don't need this. "commfree" is good for Channels like WHYY where there are -never- any commercials in a program. It tells Myth not to bother trying to commercial flag, even if the recording rule says it is needed.
There is also which I got working and which provided a ton of info, including a VCT_ID (3014) that looks pretty much exactly like the "MontcoPLYPOTT-B1-CFRLP2AE" channel brochure I got in snail mail. ÂI used that to create a MySQL update file, but haven't imported it yet. ÂI globally changed "sourceid=1" or "sourceid=3" but it looks like there are 'mplexid' problems as well? Â(I already have lots of dups on the field in the DB though). ÂThe SQL file contains:
ÂCount Record
  15 mplexid=92
  14 mplexid=91
  Â6 mplexid=23
  Â5 mplexid=82
  Â3 mplexid=110
  Â3 mplexid=102
  Â2 mplexid=79
  Â2 mplexid=109
  Â2 mplexid=104
  Â1 mplexid=93
  Â1 mplexid=81

Yet none of those exist in the dtv_multiplex table (or the SQL file) and all 22 records that do exist were created yesterday. ÂWill trying to use scte65scan help or hurt me?

It has been forever since I used SCTE65 scan. In the end, I don't think I actually ended up needing it. In the end you still need to visit every channel and confirm it, which is why the Channel Editor in Live TV mode works best for me.
Meanwhile, I hit the "report" button on my SchedulesDirect lineup and got the nice table, but it only lists, e.g., "12 | 12 | 11537 | WHYY | WHYY" while the Myth channel editor web page (or via Live TV or whatever) has:
   Â12_1  Â# Actually, I have "dups" from source 1...
   Â12_3  Â# ... and source 3 for these...
   Â12_7  Â# ... three. Â:-/

So WTH are those? ÂI don't see them listed in scte65scan or SchedulesDirect... Â(Oh wait, running scte65scan with -p takes much longer but does seem to add that (PSIP?) stuff. ÂStill no dtv_multiplex entries though.)

Schedules Direct only shows the channel numbers, as Comcast lists them in schedules. As you have probably guessed, they would MUCH rather you have a cable box. The reason you get a few channels with the "_" is because Comcast is required to rebroadcast the local stations. Â The stations like 12_3 and 12_7 are different program streams for a channel... basically, WHYY is now broadcasting 3 different programming channels multiplexed into channel "12" now, which isn't even really channel 12 anymore. ÂOne program stream might be showing "This Old House" while another is showing "Sesame Street" and another is showing "NOVA".

Also, the Myth channel scan picked up a bunch of channels I don't think I get (>30 N <70), and that result in "error opening jump program file" when I switch to them, and it didn't find a bunch I do (or will) supposedly get (>100). ÂScte65scan seems a lot more accurate. ÂMaybe I should nuke all those channels (how? ÂWeb interface can do it) and use the scte65scan .sql import?,_PA_-_Comcast_Digital looks like a superset of my Scte65scan output.

When I run the SQL query at that URL, I get some "duplicate" records, and channelnum values of <70, while the channel chart I got from Comcast has lots of stuff > 100 that in theory I get. ÂThat same chart and Scte65scan have nothing in the >30 and < 90 range, while the Myth channel scan picked up lots > 30 and < 70.

Don't get too excited. You will probably have a lot of stuff that doesn't match up, and a lot of things that you do get will be trash (local advertising channels, the video streams that are used in parts of the cable box interface, etc.).


With regards to live TV not working, you might want to ensure that
the default channel for the tuner is set to something that exists.
Having an undefined channel as the default can cause the symptoms you
are describing. The frontend logs can help a log with this too.

Yup, that seems to be it, though I hadn't changed the "default" tuner or default channels for those and I thought I'd set working ones for the new tuners. ÂRegardless, fiddling with that setting fixed it.

Thanks for the help & sorry if I've being extra dense,


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