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[PLUG] Daily WTF: Alex's Soapbox: Source Control Done Right

The following has a great description of "source control" verses "revision control" and some nice diagrams to explain many of the concepts. If you've ever wondered about CVS, SVN, BZR, git, Hg, etc. you'll probably find this interesting. Even if you are very familiar with the concepts, the branching rules (and diagrams) and discussion of distributed revision control may be interesting.
Alex's Soapbox: Source Control Done Right
	Filed under Alex's Soapbox
	Author Alex Papadimoulis

Your introduction to source control probably was a lot like mine: “here’s how you open SourceSafe, here’s your login, and here’s how you get your files... now get to work.”

For the most part, that works just fine. We’re already familiar with the nature of files and directories, so introducing the concepts of checking-in and checking-out aren’t a huge leap. Repositories, merging, and committing become second-nature just as easily.

But there’s a whole lot more to source control than just that. And, as someone in a fairly unique position of working with virtually every source control system out there (a hazard of the day job: BuildMaster needs to integrate with them all), I’ve learned that there are far more similarities than differences.

This especially holds true with the latest breed of distributed version control systems. Sure, certain operations may be easier to do – but if they’re the wrong thing to do, then it’s that much easier to make mistakes.

[much more...]

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