Joe Terranova on 24 Sep 2011 10:43:42 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] web domain dns

Spoiler: this won't work, at least not as you want it.

>       1) register my domain
>       2) propagate server/ip to external dns- HOW?

Your registrar will probably provide with the ability to set the IP of
your site (ie you'd be using their name server). You'd need to get
your external IP address (see below).

>       3) how do you handle adressing, server has 192.168.1.x address

192.168 is an internal IP address range. That's just an internal
address you're getting on your home machines from your router. You
have a single public IP address, which is shared with all the machines
on your network via the router.

You can get your external IP address by going on a machine on your
network and going to (or a similar site). You can also
likely get it from your router if you log in, and you'll need to do so

You'll need a machine on your home network to run your website. Set up
the site on that machine, and note the machine's IP. you probably want
to give it a static IP.

Then in your router's configuration, there'll be an option for port
forwarding (probably under advanced). You'll need to give the outside
port, the internal port, and the IP (ie the server). The standard web
port is 80, but that won't work (see below).

>       4) will verizon try to block? workaround?

Verizon blocks port 80 (web) and port 25 (smtp) on home internet
connections. They don't really want you running servers. This means
you can never run your website like normal from your home internet.

You can put up a website on a different port. I use port 8080 and port
9091. You can set up your website there, and then go to it with the
port (for ex: But you'll never be able
to go to it without the port number.

If this is just for your education, that shouldn't be a problem. There
are tricks you can use to get around the problem (some hosts or DNS
providers can host an Iframe for you, and then you can make the Iframe
point to your server on the different port), but if you actually want
to put up a website for other people, I'd suggest just going with a
cheap web host.

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