Floyd Johnson on 29 Sep 2011 21:08:43 -0700

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[PLUG] OT: Problems in Meat(head)space

A long time ago, when introduced to a new PLUGger after a meeting, I was
heard to describe my neighborhood as "the [hind] end of Point Breeze".
Unfortunately, I was reminded of that about 11:20 PM, and feel a need to
blather/look for a comforting ear. I guess that I see you as the people
I most relate to.

In the last hour, the lowest-common-denominator folks on my block made a
racket suggesting they had in mind to brawl with each other. As such,
independently of each other, my sister and I contacted the relevant PPD
substation. She came through the door talking to the operator, and I was
not sure if the tension in her voice was due to anger or fear. (I had
used the "tips" Web form on the PPD site just seconds earlier.)

The thing I should be asking of you is, given our household's limited
means ($775/mo for housing is pushing it), is there any way to stage a
breakout from this backwater? Or is the sane action to look for people
to rally or call out on the sorry state of South Philly and unify them
to make this corner hospitable (which at face value sounds Napoleonic,
gooned on inappropriate items, and/or inherently doomed)?

Were I saying this in the websites of the local press, the usual baiters
and haters (likely refugees from AOL's comment boards and the reason
said boards were shut down) would be absolutely shocked to learn an
observation from Chris Rock's files applies here. 

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