Adam Zion on 11 Oct 2011 12:54:44 -0700

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[PLUG] Sprint mobile wireless device + linux

Fellow PLUGgers-

OK, found something interesting: while Ubuntu (11.04) crashes pretty
hard when I remove the Sprint wireless mobile device (Sierra U250),
even after unplugging it, Red Hat Fedora handles it w/o a problem.

My suspicion is that this is b/c Fedora stops the USB driver more
effectively than does Ubuntu. Since I'd rather not have to rebuild the
computer using Fedora- I can do it, but it'd be a pain- I'd prefer to
find a way to stop the modem correctly in Ubuntu.

I can run lsusb, and it gives me a list of the connected devices,
including several separate drivers associated w/the Sierra U250. Is
there any clean way to stop these drivers- something akin to umounting
it (yes, I've looked, and there's no mounted device to umount here).

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