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Re: [PLUG] Problem w/upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 -> 11.10

You can try to use Alt-F2 (or any number other up to 6) to switch to a
different console, I'm not sure that will work with the Ubuntu installer,
but you would then at least have some sort of shell access to try and figure
out where you were, but I can't really think of anything that would fix it.

If it never unfreezes at some point you'll just have to deal with the failed
upgrade. If you can get the system up again you might be able to use a
command like dpkg -l or --get-selections to recover your package list. Did
you backup the system prior to beginning? 

For just this sort of issue I make three partitions on my systems -- two
system partitions and third with everything left over, which I mount to
home. When I want to upgrade I copy the active system over to the spare
system partition and try to run the upgrade against it, if it fails or if I
am planning a clean install anyway my original system is untouched and
working. If something happens and my active system becomes unusable or I
have other reason to access the version I  upgraded out of, it is still
there and working until it is time for the next upgrade. 

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Subject: [PLUG] Problem w/upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 -> 11.10

I'm trying to run the upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 (please, don't start
telling me how you should never run an upgrade but always do a clean
install- that doesn't help me now). It's been stuck @ "Downloading
Dropbox... 48%" for the past 1/2 hr. or so. Naturally, any attempt to cancel
the upgrade will completely hose my system. But letting it stay at this
stage forever isn't exactly an option either.

Any ideas? Googling didn't help.


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