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[PLUG] Journey to the Center of the Linux Kernel: Traffic Control and QoS


Thanks for having me tonight. I really enjoyed my first visit at PLUG Central.

As you might have noticed, the topic of QoS is a bit broad to be covered in a 1 hour talk. Especially if we start digging into different types of algorithms, buffers management and so on. But I hope this introduction gave enough tools to start digging in your packets, and get scared at the latency exploding when you start filling up the pipe.

The long version of the article, that I'm still working on, is below:

And the source code for the example QoS policy we discussed, including the graphing tools, is on github:

The slides are here: http://4u.1nw.eu/Plug-QoS-2011.pdf

Feel free to share your feedback on the article, I can certainly use some reviews ;)


Julien Vehent - http://1nw.eu/!j

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