Malcolm on 8 Nov 2011 12:01:42 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] diagnosing slow Fedora boots w/bootchart, cont'd

On 2011-11-08 8:55 AM, Adam Zion wrote:

You seem to be having issues finding a distribution that will fit your
hardware smoothly. Weren't you mostly a Debian guy?

Specifically an Ubuntu one, yes.

Now you've moved onto RPM-based distros.

I still prefer Debian-based ones, since, in my experience anyhow, apt
eats RPM's lunch as a package manager.

That's because they aren't the same thing. rpm is more like dpkg.

If you want to compare apt against an rpm based system, it would be yum (on RedHat derivatives) or urpmi (on Mandriva derivatives).

IMnshO, apt beats yum readily, but I definitely prefer urpmi.
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