Adam Zion on 8 Nov 2011 05:55:53 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] diagnosing slow Fedora boots w/bootchart, cont'd

Thus spake Mike Leone:

> You seem to be having issues finding a distribution that will fit your
> hardware smoothly. Weren't you mostly a Debian guy?

Specifically an Ubuntu one, yes.

> Now you've moved onto RPM-based distros.

I still prefer Debian-based ones, since, in my experience anyhow, apt
eats RPM's lunch as a package manager.

> Maybe the hardware you're trying to use isn't all that Linux-friendly?

That's just it, though: it largely *is* linux-friendly. Check it out
if you don't believe me- ASUS A53E. The main reason I switched away
from Ubuntu and Debian-based packages was that they seem to have
problems w/the Sprint mobile network device. Fedora doesn't, but then
it gives me this crap.

I found that Linux Mint Debian Edition seems to handle the Sprint
device smoothly- something that I find rather odd, BTW- but every time
I've tried to install it from a USB key, it crashes mid-install and
I'm left needing to rebuild the box from scratch (w/Fedora). I wonder
whether I should try the install from a DVD, but I'm worried that it
will die again, requiring another rebuild.

To an extent, this has become something that I'm doing as a challenge
to myself. But it's more frustrating to see something almost work than
it is to see it fail entirely. After all, in the latter case, you know
to change directions entire, but in the former you're inclined to try


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