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Re: [PLUG] Linux EMC and Headless Systems

In the message dated: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 08:58:04 EST,
The pithy ruminations from Rich Freeman on 
<[PLUG] Linux EMC and Headless Systems> were:
=> There was some discussion after last night's meeting about getting
'=> software to work on more minimal installs (no X11, etc).  The specific

I missed the original discussion, so this may be off-target...but is
the issue with a minimal install, a headless system, or both?

There's nothing to prevent installing X on a headless system, and Xvfb
provides a way (albeit somewhat clumsy) of running graphical apps on a
headless system with no graphical display (not tunneling X11 to another
machine for display on an X server).

Of course, this is far from a minimal install...

=> software being discussed was linux EMC (used to control CNC machinery

As opposed to EMC-the-storage-vendor-formerly-in-bed-with-Dell. That EMC also
suggests using their graphical interface for most of the system management.

=> in realtime).  Apparently the ubuntu packages for this tend to pull in
=> stuff which culminates in a system that ends up with stuff like gnome
=> and openoffice in order to control a CNC mill.  It seems kind of
=> bizarre but when one package uses one file out of some other package
=> these things can spiral out of control pretty easily.

Ah. OK. The major issue seems to be with package-dependency-creep and
'minimal' that case, Xvfb may bring in way too many packges for
your comfort.


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