Paul L. Snyder on 20 Nov 2011 19:02:04 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Run macbook pro with lid down

On Sun, 20 Nov 2011, Paul Walker wrote:

> I want to use my macbook pro as a software synth with a midi controller,
> but I'd love to be able to run it with the lid shut, out of a suitcase or
> something (with ample breathing room... maybe vented!). I think that having
> a laptop glaring at people during performances would kind of wreck the
> mood. Anybody know how to disable the kill switch so I can leave the
> machine running after I shut it? Perhaps disable some I/O from the command
> line?

When I was using a MacBook Pro, there was an app I used to prevent it from
going to sleep when closed...I think it was probably this one, but I can't
remember the name for certain:

Definitely be very careful about was an issue with the MacBook I 
was using, and I think it'll be a lot more of a concern if you're putting
it into something enclosed.

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