Eric H. Johnson on 22 Nov 2011 05:33:46 -0800

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[PLUG] E-Cat - Off topic

Hi all,

This has nothing to do with Linux, however I mentioned something called the
E-Cat or energy catalyzer at dinner after last night's meeting. It is a Low
Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR), a name used to separate it from cold fusion,
based on a Nickel-Hydrogen reaction There is one person (Andrea Rossi) who
is already taking orders for E-Cats and has delivered one, and at least two
other companies (one Greek and one American) who claim they will be making
announcements shortly. There is even a report of one person successfully
home brewing his own (although I am highly skeptical).

Wiki article:

Blog (one of many, but one of the first):

Home brewer claiming success:

Second company claiming to have E-Cat nearly ready for market (at one time
associated with Rossi)

I have not found the specific link, but there is also an American company
about to get into the game too, I believe based on the work of U of Illinois
professor George Miley.

While I remain skeptical, there now seem to be too many players for this to
be a simple hoax, scam or conspiracy.


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