Morgan Jones on 3 Dec 2011 07:35:30 -0800

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[PLUG] free 32 bit PCs

I'm cleaning the office and have a few machine free for the asking:

2 Dell GX260s: both desktops form factor, one is quite a bit smaller than the other.
Dell Dimension E510
White box PIII 350.

All are functional as far as I know.
All ran linux at one point.
All should have enough memory to run Linux albeit barely.
None have hard drives.
The E510 has a SATA interface for the drives but IDE for the CDROM drive, the rest are IDE.
All but the PIII have an IDE CDROM drive.

I'd rather give them away in one shot but would be happy to give them away piecemeal.

I should be at next week's PLUG meeting or you can pick them up at Broad and Spring Garden Sts. just about any day next week during the day or early evening if you confirm a time so I'm sure to have them with me.

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