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[PLUG] book on Agile?

pragmatic pgmr series at OReilly is good - 
and James Shore really knows his stuff. 

Also, do not forget to become a member of the local Agile group at
http://wwwAgilePhilly.com and joining the listserv at

Upcoming meetings:  

Introduction to Maven and Continuous Integration presented by Ken Rimple 
(a joint meeting with SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) 
   Hosted at Chariots Solutions in Fort Washington
   December 15th  6-8PM  RSVP

An overview of the Maven platform, how it is used to build applications,
and tips and tricks for constructing good build processes. And
continuous integration, using Jenkins, and how to automate key reports. 
Code coverage, test results, and code quality metrics.
Functional Testing Patterns by Premanand Chandrasekaran
   Hosted at Microsoft Offices in Malvern  
   Jan 11th at 6:30pm 
Software teams mostly find themselves working with three broad categories
of tests - unit, integration and functional (excluding technology
verification test categories like performance, load, stress etc.). Unit
tests indicate whether the code is doing things right. Functional tests
are complementary to - but quite different from unit tests. Functional
tests tell whether the completed application is working correctly and
providing the proper functionality. 

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>Subject: [PLUG] Good book on Agile?
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